Hats off to Graeme Anthony and his bloody creative CV! He’s only gone and made a sweet video rather than write on some shitty piece of paper and, posted the video on YouTube… and he’s added some links, IN THE VIDEO! Seems like he’s quite the Digital Doctor he reckons he is! Have a little gander – it’s got music, humour… it’s like watching a film or something! Anyway, someone give this geezer a fuckin job!


Films are wicked – even better than books, seriously!

There are two mental ones due out very soon. The first is Cyrus. It’s about some geezer who has a crap social life and his ex is about to get married – talk about a kick in the nuts! Anyway, he finally meets some bird… but she has baggage… a son! Now, if it were one of my mates from my estate, they’d do a runner. Jesus, they’ve even run out on their own kids! Luckily, John (the main character) isn’t a pussy and he likes this bird…. have a guess what happens? Or just check out the trailer below.

Queen Latifah, what a girl! I love her shit! She’s the dogs, seriosuly. She can rap, sing, act – she was wicked in Chicago! She’s got another new film coming out soon – Just Wright. Now, she lands a sweet job as a physical therapist for the NBA. She ends up falling for one of the players but some WAG wants to hook up with him… you get the jist! Now she has to win the bloke over and kick this WAG to the curb… It’s Queen Latifah though, I’m sure she can handle it… trailer below!


Seriously, this is mental. A 1970’s board game based on a BP oil spill… someone back then could see into the future! This BP-endorsed board game is sure to be snapped up on eBay now!


Vampire films are the dogs bollox! Well, there are some really bad ones. Just last night I watched some tosh called Night Junkies. A London based vampire flick. Total and utter crap. I wouldn’t even wipe my arse with it. Let The Right One In on the other hand, brilliant! It’s a Swedish film based on a book by writer John Ajvide Lindqvist.

This very dark film is set in a proper shit part of Sweden during the early 1980’s. The area is a bit like Blackpool, only without the rides or stag parties. It focuses on this weirdo lad called Oscar who’s being picked on at School and is a bit of a loner. The only person who shows any interest in him is this freaky vampire girl. Now she is Proper off key, not like the fit ones you usually see in vampire flicks. He ends up falling for her, this messed up relationship forms, paedophiles get killed, a woman turns into a vampire, spontaneous combustion happens, you see a castrated boy… some real messed up shit.

Surprise surprise, the Yanks are doing a remake… but with all the freaky shit cut out, apparantly. Trailer doesn’t look too bad though… have a gander below. It’s due out 29th October this year. I’ve also added the trailer for the original for those interested.

Blood sucking Bosh!

Now, this video has already been doing the rounds but is definitley worth another punt. The geezer who created it, Brian Maupin, used to work for Best Buy over in Yankee Land… until they fired him over it! Knob jockeys. I reckon HTC should hire him to head up their marketing campaigns, he’s a genius. Why do these companies take themselves so seriously? Twats. Anyway, have a gander, it’ll have you in stitches. I can think of about 100 fuckwits that are just like the customer in the video! I have an iPhone, but I wouldn’t queue up for one on launch day!


Also, here’s the rebuttance

<a href="http://www.engadget.com/2010/06/22/iphone-4-review/&quot;

Only just heard about this, Channel 4 has commissioned a new thriller about youth gangs in Hackney called Top Boys! The four part drama centres around Dushane, a 19-year-old street gang leader, on the fictional Summerhouse Estate, who has ‘aspiritions’ of becoming a drug dealer. Sounds like a bit of a twat if I’m honest but unfortunately, a lot of mugs on the estates around Hackney are actually like this. Sad but there you go. The drama has been written by Ronan Bennett (pic below) who is responsible for the Public Enemies Film and a couple of other TV dramas, The Hamburg and Fields of Gold. Apparently, Bennett and his consultant, Gerry Jackson, are both based in Hackney and have done some proper research into the gangs around my home town. It would be nice, if for once, there was a story about Hackney that didn’t involve guns, drugs, knives or crime of any sort. Anyway, I’ll no doubt be watching the series…


This has made my weekend! Them jumped up little Dublin twats, Jedward, were allowed to ‘sing’ at T4 On The Beach in Weston-super-mare. The little pikeys were performing a medley of the Ghostbusters theme, Ice Ice Baby and All The Small Things when Edward mistimed a jump on stage and landed on his leg (snigger). Tosser, he should have broke his neck and put us all out of our misery! Enjoy the pain below.